14 December 2009


I'm personally amused by this, I love it!

10 December 2009


Riccardo Tisci, I loooove you.

08 December 2009

After weeks and weeks of buying for others, today was ME day. Hey not that I don't love to buy gifts, cuz I really do, almost more than I love purchasing stuff for moi, but there are just sooo many goodies out there that I want..NEED! I'll post pics soon but for now, I'll try my best to describe these beauties.
-'Hot & Delicious' black shredded leggings from SHOUT
-Vintage snake ring
-Grey/silver thrifted loopy fuzzy sweater
-Thrifted long line black tuxedo blazer
-Thrifted black faux leather across-body barrell bag
-Thrifted multicolor marled turtleneck

Yay new clothes!

07 December 2009

Warm and fuzzies.

What an amazing cropped sweater! WANT WANT WAnt want want....
(photo courtesy of facehunter.com)
UPDATE: I Just had the best day thrifting around the city and was lucky to find a fabulous look a-like! My camera was recently STOLEN at a party (ughhhh-let's not go there)
but as soon as my sister will let me borrow her amazing cam I'll post my new find! :)

Snow bunnies

(from l-r - Faux fur Stole from Forever21 $8.50; Bunny Sweater from French Connection $78; Bunny Headband from Topshop $30 - Lace one, unknown; Too Faced lip bronzer Snow Bunny from Sephora $18; Large animal ring from Urban Outfitters $30; Faux fur headband from ASOS.com, $27.)

True, true..

"I love myself a sequin. They give a hint of glamour to everything. I've never met a sequin I didn't like!" -Rachel Zoe.

I've been naughty.

OMG, how I NEED that PPC tee of the black cat... especially fitting for me as I am the biggest feline lover in the world. It looks like my cat, Dolce! And those jeggings, the boots, the gloves... pretty please Santa!

(photo courtesy of whowhatwear.com)